How to be happy: 11 habits to live a happy life

How to be happy: 11 habits to live a happy life

Am I happy with my life? If am not happy then why? How to be happy in life? These are the probable questions most of us ask ourselves, especially these days when we are living at home and practicing social distancing. But do you know that by just making some small changes in your life and inculcating good habits, you can live a very happy and fulfilling life.

Here are some simple ways to be happy in life:

Find happiness in small things

Live small moments happily – this is what happy people believe in. Celebrating small moments like smelling a rose or listening to your favourite songs can create a sense of happiness in your mind.

Researchers have given a name to this habit: Savoring (focusing on the specific moment). Being surrounded by people who are happy can also help you to enjoy such small but wonderful things in your life. In other words, you begin to see life from a different viewpoint.

Begin your social life again

This has been proven by happiness researchers like Martin Seligman and Ed Diener. Considered as the leading researchers in this area they have studied two categories of people including:
• Happiest People
• Least Contented People
Studying both of these categories, they concluded that people in the first group were social and had the strongest bonds than the second group. Having strong social relationships is a great requisite for people to stay happy. They help you begin your social life once again.

Find people who spread happiness

It is always good to be around happy people who know:

• How to create happiness
• How to nurture happiness
• How to share happiness with others

Spend some time to look for such people who can not only spread happiness in your life but also make you learn how to stay happy and share the same. So just go and find them to begin a new life.

Learn to keep happiness above all

Make happiness your ultimate goal, irrespective of the situation you are into. Don't let the chaos outside affect your peace inside. Make happiness a necessity, equivalent to water and sleep.

Happy people believe people who are living a sad life have not lived at all. They never let negative thoughts affect them and deal with the moments with a positive mindset.

This is a great way you can learn to be positive and deal with every situation happily.

Meditate daily

Image Credit: cottonbro/ Pexels

If you ask happy people how they stay happy and relaxed, one answer you get is – Meditation. This is one of the effective ways to attain mindfulness and stillness from all your anxieties and worries.
The best part is it takes only a few minutes to start. Take tips from your new happy friend on how to begin. Or else you can seek help from various online sources. The more you are relaxed, the easier and happier you feel.

Learn to forget and forgive

Holding grudges in your mind will never allow you to move in life. Forget and Forgive are the two special words required for happiness. Freeing yourself from negative emotions will make room for positive emotions into your life. It has been researched that liberating yourself from negative emotions and toxic relationships help your body heal. It boosts positive and healing hormones which have helped people heal themselves from chronic diseases like cancer and other autoimmune diseases.

Happiness goes hand in hand with health

"Health is Wealth" – If you agree to this say then it is another reason to stay happy and relaxed. Research proves that there is a strong relationship between happiness and health. Happy people seem to care for them even better by eating healthy and doing more workouts than unhappy people.
Don’t wait for tomorrow…. pick up happiness now.

Love your job

Try to pull out of negative situations like toxic relationships and work environments. If you find yourself to be a different person at your workplace than what you are at home, you are going a wrong way. You are wearing a mask at your workplace and very soon this mask will become your reality. This can lead to depression and can manifest into other health issues.
Try to look for a job where you can do what you love and pursue your passion. This is what is called "Ikigai".

Make less complaints

We all face struggles but wasting energy and time in complaining can slow down your morale and progress. Instead, look out for solutions to your problems. And set an example for others who can follow you. Take control of your life and be responsible for your actions. That way you will make less complaints and have less heartaches.

Find happiness in others’ success

When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love

Lana Del Rey

Having a healthy social relationship is the key to happiness. Often it is believed happy people celebrate the success of others around them. This further strengthens the relationship and gives a reason to laugh. Try out and see for yourself.
It has also been researched that helping others is hard-wired in human brain. It activates that same parts of the brain as those by food and sex. So, altruism is pleasurable. Try it out.

Learn to say 'No'

Although contended people are good at socializing yet there are times when you see them saying 'No'. And it is very important to safeguard one’s well-being and happiness.

Learning to say “No” is like saying “Yes” to happiness

Thema Davis

Always saying “yes” to things interrupts our work and makes us postpone other important things aside. This can lead to higher stress levels and unhappiness.
So, learn to say ‘No’ to noise and ‘Yes’ to happiness.


Being happy in life should be our prime objective, more than earning money and fame. Remember, money can’t buy happiness. People who are happy and content live a more fulfilling life. Try to live a life full of happiness so that you don’t have any regrets.




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