Comfy, functional and fresh – polyester-spandex truly has it all – here’s why:

On the hunt for active wear that doesn’t just stand the test of time, but is jam-packed with innovative features that work just as hard as you do?

Enter: Polyester-spandex – Our signature fabric for sportswear.

Spandex is jam-packed with performance properties which are all made possible thanks to the strength and durability of the raw fibers. Built to last, they are known to stand the test of time and everyday wear – making them the go-to choice for fitness clothing like leggings, crew neck t-shirts and performance shorts for athletes.

One fabric, endless design choices

Undoubtedly one of the best advantages of spandex is its versatility in terms of designs. Whether you want to plaster lavish prints on every garment or opt for block colors that pack a punch –spandex truly has it all, which makes it no surprise why it’s our fabric.

Say goodbye to wrinkles

It can really be a pain having to iron out your clothing after every wear and wash – but thankfully spandex is wrinkle-free and even shrink-proof, meaning you can take yours out of the dryer and it’s rearing and ready to be worn. Polyester-spandex yarns hold their original size and shape over time – so you won’t need to keep investing in new shirts that inevitably end up in landfills.

Sweat-wicking and quick-drying

When you’re an avid athlete who constantly strives to soar past their personal best – you need active wear that can keep up with you and your workouts. Spandex serves as the undisputed king of performance fabrics, being able to wick away moisture and dry three times faster than conventional fabrics such as cotton. Feel fresh as you power through every stride!

Resistant to fading

When you really fall in love with your favorite t-shirt – you never want to let it go – and that includes the color vibrancy. As mentioned further up the article, spandex offers outstanding durability, being able to retain color and resist fading. That’s right – this means your beloved gym shirt will look just as good as it did when you first bought it.

It’s clear that spandex holds an abundance of benefits when it comes to active wear, and personally, we’re yet to meet another fabric that has it all. Having said that, at LIFESPEED, we’re passionate about innovation and we’re always searching for the best fabrics in the game. To shop our range of high-tech active wear, be sure to shop our collection today.

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